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Zumba® is a 60-minute dance fitness program featuring a host of Latin rhythms, from salsa and merengue to reggaeton and calypso, cumbia, and international rhythms such as samba and the latest belly-dancing fad. The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

The high-energy result has people all over raving about how Zumba® is the magic formula that makes exercise fun. Patricia puts it down to the mesmerizing mix of music, dance, and fitness lifting the body and the spirit as you burn fat, calories and tone your muscles to a fitter you.

Why do Zumba®? Because it’s:

FUN…the type of exercise you’ll want to do everyday and feel good about doing it!

DIFFERENT…you probably never thought you’d be exercising to the hot and sexy Latin and International rhythms.

EASY…you don’t have to know how to dance, you can start at any level whether you are a beginner or a fitness fanatic.

Working out with Patricia, your Zumba® Certified Instructor, makes Zumba® simple and easy, guiding you through synchronized movements.

EFFECTIVE…it’s aerobic, and we all know it works, but it is more fun, which makes you stick with the program until you get results.